Friday, September 30, 2011

Not a quilt but oh, so cute!

Very fun, very easy and a free pattern on Ravelry using sock yarn and buttons that were on sale! And it fits! Does life get much better?!

This is an image of the sweater I knitted for my great nephew (yes, he's great but he's also my niece's baby boy). I made it using a sock yarn I bought while out in Ames back in August. The sweater is knit from the right sleeve cuff to the left sleeve cuff so the only seaming that's needed in the end is the underarms. I finished it just before heading north to Alaska. Leslie's sent me an email to say that Rhys has been wearing it every day since they received the package last week. If Leslie's willing, I'll post a picture of the boy in his sweater.

Jenny at Island Quilter (out of focus!)

Even if this is out of focus, I still thought I'd post it. Do you see all the stacks of fabric? Those were "ours" the 4 of us who went to Vashon last Saturday. Rebecca was buying polka dots--I think she bought 1/8 yd of 12 different fabrics (right stack on table).

This is an example of why it is often better to have a REAL camera, instead of relying on a smartphone, which I didn't bother to adjust!

Juki machine with B-line frame

Here is the machine that Beth and I bought used. We split the cost 50/50. Frank set it up in our basement. Tonight I was all ready to practice, but after 6 inches, I had to replace the bobbin and I did something wrong and broke the needle! We did not get any extra needles with the machine, so I will need to buy some tomorrow. The previous owner recommended 90 Titanium. We have it set up for 7 ft width, but the max is 12 ft. We think it is better to just do small quilts, and leave the bigger quilts to someone with a long arm. You can see that we don't really have that much room!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here is Jackie posing with her Bellisma quilt. Those orange pinwheels are so cute! This picture does not do her quilt justice. Seems everyone has done so well with their Bellisma quilts. I'm quite impressed. Mine is still in blocks on my sewing table. Well, the challenge was to get them to quilt top stage by the end of the year. I've got a few days left.

ttfn :) Yuki

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday was S&B day!

Li, our youngest and newest member completed her first quilt top. We are so proud of her! She did a great job. Look at that pretty face. Doesn't she look happy. I plan on putting this quilt on my long arm so that I'll have it quilted before our meeting next month. I can't wait to see what she does with her scrappy half square triangles.

ttfn :) Yuki